Expert in magnetic actuation cell sampling techniques, magnetic manipulation
Martinus Gijs
A technological platform for nutrition analysis to promote healthy food

Expert in biomedical circuits and systems
Sandro Carrara
Expert in magnetic actuation cell sampling techniques, magnetic manipulation
Martinus Gijs
Expert in food science and human nutrition
Richard Hurrell
Expert in Nano/microtechnologiesandbioinformatics
Jeremy Ramsden
Expert in Nutrigenomics-Dairytechnology
Guy Vergères

Project Description

The NutriChip  project’s goal was to develop an integrated platform to investigate the potential of immunomodulation properties of dairy products. The NutriChip would provide steady-state culture conditions  that mimic the in vivo fluid flow and shear stress in controllable manner, thus bringing the gut in vitro model closer to the physiological micro-environment. 

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Notable publications

Gastrointestinal Tract on Chip
Ramadan, Qasem; Jafarpoorchekab, Hamideh; Bolanz, Katrin; Schwander, Flurina; Silacci, Paolo; Carrara, Sandro; Ramsden, Jeremy; Vergeres, Guy; Gijs, Martinus
Biosensors 2012, Cancun, Mexico, May 15-18

Characterization of 2 genetic variants of Na(v) 1.5-arginine 689 found in patients with cardiac arrhythmias
Sottas, Valentin; Rougier, Jean-Sébastien; Jousset, Florian; Kucera, Jan P.; Shestak, Anna; Makarov, Leonid M.; Zaklyazminskaya, Elena V.; Abriel, Hugues
Journal of cardiovascular electrophysiology

Nutrigenomics - linking food to human metabolism
G. Vergères
Trends in Food Science & Technology, Volume 31, Issue 1, May 2013, Pages 6-12

Image Thresholding Techniques for Localization of Sub-Resolution Fluorescent Biomarkers
Julien Ghaye, Madhura Avinash Kamat, Linda Corbino-Giunta, Paolo Silacci, Guy Vergères, Giovanni De Micheli, Sandro Carrara
Cytometry Part A 83A, 1001-1016 (2013)


Posters from 2013

NutriChip Image Processor: A novel way of extracting fluorescent spots in microscopy images
Julien Ghaye, Giovanni De Micheli, Sandro Carrara

Trans-Epithelial Electrical Resistance (TEER) measurements on an artificial gastrointestinal tract on a microfluidic chip
Chaobo Huang, Qasem Alramadan, Josias Basil Wacker, Hüseyin Cumhur Tekin, Guy Vergères, Martin Gijs

Peptide Profiling after in vitro digestion. A fingerprint of selected dairy products
Katrin Kopf-Bolanz, Flurina Schwander, Martin gijs, Magali Chollet, Reto Portmann, Lotti Egger, Guy Vergères

Biological workflow of the NutriChip project
G. Vergères, F. Schwander, K. Bolanz, L. Corbino-Giunta, D. Gille, B. Bogicevic, C. Buri, R. Portmann, C. Egger, P. Silacci, B. Walther, R. K. Laederach, M. Chollet, A. Schmid, N. Petri, F. Pralong, N. Vionnet, M. Gijs

Posters from 2012

Posters from 2011

Gastrointestinal Tract on a chip
Hamideh Jafarpoorchekab, Qasem Ramadan, Paolo Silacci, Sandro Carrara, Guy Verg

Simulation of epi-fluorescence microscopes for testing image processing methods
Julien Ghaye, Sandro Carrara

A CMOS Imager for Nutrition Analyses
Gozen Koklu, Yusuf Leblebici, Sandro Carrara

NutriChip-A technological platform for nutrition analysis to promote healthy food
Flurina Schwander, Katrin Bolanz, Reto Portmann,Charlotte Egger, Paolo Silacci, Linda Corbino-Giunta, Barbara Walther, Richard Hurrell, Jeremy Ramsden, Caroline Buri, Kurt Laederach, Magali Chollet, Qasem Alramadan, Hamideh Jafarpoorchekab, Sandro Carrara, Julien Ghaye, Madhura Avinash Kamat, G


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